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 Shurland Hall
An author claims she has taken a picture of a ghostly maid in the window of a famous Isle of Sheppey landmark.
Christdeena Ellis has spent three years writing what she says is the only book about Shurland Hall, a 16th century property in Eastchurch.

The 44-year-old was left scratching her head by a photo she took apparently capturing the figure of a woman in a top window, second from right.

She emailed the shot to Phil Measey, lead investigator of the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society, who called it "very odd indeed".

He said: "It does look like a person, a woman dressed in some sort of maid's outfit."

Mrs Ellis claims the place is "most definitely haunted" and believes some of her other photos show mysterious orbs.

The mother-of-one said: "There have been major battles there and it has been built over a 13th century castle so I think there is paranormal activity there definitely and I'm quite intrigued by the ghostly maid.

"She looks like a 17th century or 18th century maid and she could have been a worker there."

A Ghost in the Window?
Mrs Ellis's self-published work focuses on the restoration of the property and asks if there is a "ghostly maid" haunting the grounds.

Originally from Rushenden, Mrs Ellis has been fascinated by the building for a long time.

She said: "When I was a little girl we used to go up there with the Brownies. It was just a ruin. Not much left of it.

"It's a fantastic building and there is a hell of a lot of history in there. It's one of the reasons that keeps bringing me back on the Island."

Shurland Hall was built between 1510 and 1518 by Sir Thomas Cheyne on the site of a 13th century castle established by Adam De Shurland.

Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn spent a few days at the hall in 1532.

It is now owned by a private couple who, Mrs Ellis says, gave her permission to take the photos.

Source: Kentonline

My View:
I personally cannot see where Mrs Ellis can see a ghostly maid, but of course the human brain interprets shapes any way it pleases, and no two brains are the same.
But regardless, I don`t think this piece has done any harm to her book launch..

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