Monday, 16 July 2012


Here is a clip worth reviewing - best viewed on full screen.
There are very definitely two fast moving `mist` anomalies shooting in to frame from left to middle.
Here is the posters own explanation:

I was ghost hunting with some friends at one of my favorite locations and recorded two shapes moving fast from left to right. Now, the two best natural explanations that could explain it would be car headlights and exhaled breath. I ruled out car headlights because 1) at the speed the shapes are moving, a car would have to turn on a dime 90 degrees to cause that movement 2) while there is a road that encompasses the cemetery, due to the geography and position of the area, a car’s headlights cannot shine into that specific area and 3) they’re not exactly shaped like headlights nor bright enough, as well that the first shape moves faster than the second, and headlights would be in sync.

As for breath, I can attest that there were only three other people, and they can all be seen to the right of me. These objects move in from the left. As well, during two hours of video, nowhere did I see any breath on video, and it’s highly unlikely that breath mist would just decide to show up at that moment. Plus, at the speed the objects are traveling, it makes the breath hypothesis even more invalid.

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