Monday, 2 July 2012


The owner of a store at Midway Mall in Sherman, Texas, says something strange happened inside her store this weekend. The owner says some of her employees think they have a ghost in the store.

Early Sunday morning Rhonda Kohles says she got a strange call from 2 of her employees at her store Jaks at Midway Mall.

"To hear the scaredness in their voice, they were really freaked out about it," said Kohles.

"Oh yeah, all day Sunday we just tried to make explanations for it, all day, but yeah it creeped us out," said employee Ashley Hamons.

Hamons says when she opened the store, she came in to find several blankets off the shelf and on the floor.

Not sure what to think - she decided to check out the surveillance video.

The footage shows one blanket pop off the shelf at 9:36 p.m., then at 10:19 p.m., 2 more blankets fall off.

Rhonda says they've considered every logical possibility to explain it.

She says even if the air from the vents was strong enough, they aren't working on that side of the store.

But what if it was from the earthquakes that happened over the weekend? Well we asked her that too.

She says if that were the case, the large pictures on top the shelf should have fallen.

Whatever it was, it has just about everyone who's seen the video a little spooked.

Source: NBC

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