Monday, 8 February 2010


Recently I visited a famous landmark site called Mistley Towers at Mistley Thorn, Essex.
Standing by the banks of the River Stour estaury, Mistley Towers are the twin towers of the now demolished Church of St. Mary the Virgin at Mistley in Essex.
The original Georgian parish church on the site had been built in classical style early in the 18th century following the death of Richard Rigby Esquire. Later in that century there was a grandiose plan by his son, the wealthy politician Richard Rigby, to transform Mistley Thorn into a spa town. Rigby wished to see a church from the windows of his mansion and a suitably grand church was required for the affluent visitors expected to patronise the new spa. Thus in 1776, the great architect Robert Adam was commissioned to enhance the church. His design was in the neoclassical style, with a tower at both the east and the west ends of the church. These are now all that remain of the once magnificent structure.
My aim was to visit the tower`s interior by arrangement with a keyholder with a view to capturing any e.v.p or other paranormal event.
Although I was able to tap into a number of spiritual presences, the opportunity for capturing good e.v.p was somewhat diminished by the ever present road traffic - particularly large HGV`s travelling to and from the nearby port.
However, it was a worthwhile venture as you shall see in this video.
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MUSIC: Kevin Macleod

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