Saturday, 6 February 2010


I return once more to the haunted bedroom and again capture spiritual anomalies which appeared on my request.
If that was not strange enough I found this observation even weirder. As you will see, some anomalies were seen by me through the camcorder`s LCD video view panel, whilst others were only detected on editing.
Even more interesting was that I captured a huge white light anomaly moving quickly from right to left yet on review it was barely no more than a weak grey `smudge`.
I believe that light anomalies operate within a certain light frequency band, and this determines what the LCD panel will show or not - as it may be. But either way, the anomaly appears on tape. I`ve also noticed that during these events (as many of you have) that the camera goes out of focus as it desperately (in auto focus) attempts to hone in on an anomaly.
Now one for the sceptics. It isn`t dust that appears on voice command as dust hasn`t (as far as I am aware) a thinking sentient process equipped with hearing. And these incidents always combine with the camcorder anomalies noted by me.
This is a common experience noticed not just by me, but many other paranormal investigators too. Another facet (I hope) on our broadening knowledge of paranormality.
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MUSIC: Kevin Macleod.

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