Tuesday, 11 April 2017


In this edition, I return once more to the scene of over five years solid investigation which is the former WW2 bunker at Rivenhall, Essex.
I could write a book on the activity recorded there, but instead I will share this earlier show which collates much of these paranormal events.

Joining me on this visit is Andy Radley, a fellow paranormal investigator and WW2 enthusiast.
Andy decided to wear his USAAF Captain`s uniform to draw through activity relevant to that period.
And by utilising a P-SB7 `ghost box` - which I have never used here previously, it was evident that the presences were not too happy as you will see and hear.
The bunker was a place that helped much into my research of haunted places as I was able to measure and quantify activity. This is an opportunity that you seldom get at other locations.
I hope as always that you enjoy this show and will share to friends and colleagues.
The show will start at 10pm (GMT) tonight, Tuesday 11th April, 2017 when the link below comes active.
Until then, enjoy the earlier video. It is very enlightening.

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