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Coleby Grange Control Tower

Last night I shot an investigation at an abandoned and notably haunted WW2 Air Traffic Control Tower, or `Watch Room` at the former R.A.F Coleby Grange, in Lincolnshire with the assistance of Alan Carter a paranormal investigator based in that county.

Full details of that investigation will be shared at Halloween on Youtube.  Without giving too much detail away I can say that we interacted with some interesting activity which you will see.

However for now I can share with you all a very interesting paranormal event which occurred as we were leaving the premises close to midnight.

The weather conditions were atrocious, as it was frequently raining hard and blowing a strong gale.
Despite that, Alan and myself took a series of images from the outside to add to the photo album of that investigation to share later.

And here I think is probably the most convincing still images of paranormal activity there.
Historically the site (amongst other anomalies experienced) is noted for phantom lights appearing at the windows, and most notably from the upper floor (according to witnesses), but to date I have until now not seen any evidence of this event to support it.

So you can imagine our surprise when these mysterious lights appeared below the control room from a disused office.

When these were taken, there were no lights seen inside nor outside the building. In fact the possibility of any lights from within is quite impossible as any electrical wires or conduits for electricity were removed after the site was decommissioned in 1963.

But as you can see, there are lights, and importantly they are not in a fixed or static position (as in street lights, etc). As you follow through the sequence of shots you`ll note two points of interest.

1) I used a new method of night photography by setting the camera to shoot two images simultaneously with and without flash. It`s in the non-flash images that the lights appear stronger as they are not neutralised by the camera flash.

2) The lights are actually moving from frame to frame which suggests movement within the building.

Here are the sequence of images to see as we left the site to return to our car.

Rear side view of  building.

First front view of building showing darkened building.

Front view again, but no lights from the inside.

And here, still dark.

And again no lights under flash.

Can you see the light coming in from the left of this image?
A close-up of the light from the left.

The orbs are rain drops being blown by a strong gale - no signs of lights yet.

Note the two lights now in the left facing side window
A close-up from above.

With flash, the light`s brightness is diminished but they are present in the window.

Without flash they grow in intensity and appear to separate.
Another close-up as they start to move apart.

And separate even further but much brighter under flash.
And now the lights move further apart (close-up from above). 

An inside view of the room from where the light came from

And from outside the affected window is left of this image

A close up of the window.

A view from the rear of the building across the fields. Note the large stacks of straw bales obscuring rear view.

I have yet to examine the video from two Sony Hi8 night shot camcorders and perhaps there lies within these tapes further evidence concerning the appearance of these strange light anomalies.
The investigation with a daytime visit will be available from my Youtube Haunted Earth page on Friday 30th October at 10pm GMT.

Please check regularly on my Facebook page for any new updates.

Story: Chris Halton

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