Sunday, 24 May 2015


Here is a day visit inside the perpetually dark haunted airfield bunker which was the location for a recent presentation of haunted activity captured over 10 years at this location.
As we haven`t been back in a few years, this daytime visit procured an immediate reaction from the ghostly presence in residence, a former vagrant who lived there we have dubbed `Reg`.

Back inside the Haunted Bunker

In our time of investigating this site we have built a strong connection with this presence who seemed (excuse the pun) to be in good spirits on our return.

Over the years, Reg has produced some amazing activity which will be subject of our soon to be released DVD entitled, `Haunted Landscapes` which as a set covers some of our most productive locations and activities.
Release anticipated to be June 2015.
Hope you enjoy this brief `taster`.

PS: Forgive typo error on an AVP clip, erroneously marked as EVP. This will be corrected in the full DVD and clip you see today.

Chris Halton

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