Friday, 24 April 2015


Here is our most ambitious paranormal video project to date. The soon to be released documentary encompassing some of our best and most interesting paranormal activity captured over the years.
Presented by Chris Halton, the documentary takes you to some historic and breathtaking haunted sites from antiquity, where Chris will share anecdotes and paranormal clips taken from some of our best or most unusual investigations.

Running for an anticipated three hours, the DVD set is sectioned into the following categories:

Outside Castle Rising, Norfolk
 Part One -   Haunted Churches and Ruins
Part Two -   Haunted Castles and Military Fortifications
Part Three - Haunted Airfields
Part Four -   Haunted Houses
Part Five -   Bonus Haunted Sites

The activity and history of the set covers many types of hauntings which reviewers found compelling and wanting for more!

A release date is yet to be set, but before July 2015.

This 52 minute sample is introduced by Chris Halton who ties all the relevant activities and locations together as he travels across some very beautiful historic sites in East Anglia - one of the most atmospheric and haunted regions of England.

Hopefully this airing will give you a taste for the rest of the DVD set, and a chance to own a copy of archival material from one of the internet`s most respected paranormal investigators for genuine activity, Chris Halton

Here is a pre-released trailer:

Here is your free viewing sample: (NOTE - LINK ACTIVE AT 2200hrs (10pm) GMT TONIGHT (24/4/2015)

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