Monday, 23 February 2015


Here is a small taster of a forthcoming journey into the archives and history of Haunted Earth with Chris Halton.
This new production DVD set will re-visit some of the many haunted locations visited by Haunted Earth over the years, and will include the very best and most interesting paranormal video and experiences in this large compilation presented to you by Chris.
Currently, the Haunted Churches section is being shot, but will include many other locales ranging from castles to houses both here in the UK and abroad.
This professionally edited and presented set will be an archive collection to treasure on real paranormal activity, and real experiences of stepping into the unknown.
Full announcements on costs and where to buy later.
In this video is a tiny part of the experiences and phenomena at England`s oldest church on the Essex marshes at Bradwell on Sea.
For updates on shoots with free `peek in` video, and photographs from location, please visit Chris on Facebook at

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