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Here is a video shot at an investigation held at the notoriously haunted, Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, New York.

Screenshot showing the upright tail of a cat crossing
the hotel corridor. (Image from video by Stephen Barcelo)
The video is mostly an interview with the owner, Sal Nicosia who explains more about the cat that haunts.
But watch from 1 minute in. Quite amazing! There is more footage of the activities of my own `ghost cat` below this report.

Video Source: stephen barcelo

My own `ghost cat` footage is my former little friend, Shelly who was absolutely devoted to me in life, and in death (she died over a year ago) and periodically she still appears, particularly at night when I am in bed, as sometimes I feel her physically as she walks in spirit across me. It isn`t unpleasant at all, and in many ways is quite reassuring.
Initially she appeared in the form of EVP of a cat purring within my own home. Afterwards, she started to `appear` as more contented purring on outside visits, and on one which was many miles from where she lived with me.
Here is such an example which was shot inside Thetford Forest in Norfolk. Watch from 13:08.

Cat`s are very spiritual creatures, and far more psychic than any human I`ve met. The reason is that their minds are 100% open to spirit, and they don`t suffer the same insecurities that many humans feel when confronted by the paranormal.

Historically, cat`s are linked to the devil, and that primitive fear of them is manifested by drawings and paintings which depict them as `Satan`s familiars`. Indeed many were walled up alive - and sometimes with their kittens, inside houses in a bid to keep the devil from entering the home.

And even in the 21st century, there are still humans that have this fear of these creatures.
I have never seen cat`s as `evil`, instead I have found them to be quite the reverse. However such an opinion in the 17th century could have led to a quick show trial for `witchcraft`, and a slow death by fire.

I have many more examples in my work of my cat`s evp. And here below is another example from my own home.

A sceptical thought was that somehow my camera motor/tape/battery, and indeed anything else was responsible for the purring. However, the argument is actually quite weak as all the activity thus recorded has been on three Hi8 tape DV camcorders. And as I use this equipment professionally, they are all checked and serviced regularly.

Chris Halton

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