Wednesday, 14 November 2012


ALTHOUGH Halloween has been and gone, spooky goings on are still being experienced by visitors to a historic site in Elstow.

During a recent visit to Moot Hall, Totternhoe resident and paranormal investigator, Andy Matthews, believes he saw a ghostly apparition as he was taking a tour around the building with curator Clive Arnold. Andy, 47, said: “I was listening to Clive telling me the strange happenings that had been going on when my gaze moved to one of the old original timber frames on the ground floor which began to shake, not slightly, but violently. “Before I could utter a word, a human shaped white mass about five feet tall came out of the timber frame, walked three to four steps toward me and then vanished.”

According to Clive, this is not the first time anyone has seen paranormal activity in the hall, as other visitors had reported seeing the ghost of a small boy and a woman on the ground floor.

On the first occasion when he visited in September, Andy even managed to pick up an audio recording of the sounds as he was recording his tour with Clive for his own website. However when he played it back he heard some bizarre voices of people who weren’t present in the room at the time.

Source: BedfordshireNews

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