Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Haunted Myrtle Hill Cemetery (EVPs)

During the last week of October 2008, Chris Halton from Haunted Earth paid us a visit from England. During his visit, he investigated several locations for paranormal activity with the Acid Entertainment paranormal research crew. Chris edited a video from this location that we both have on our sites, however, this video contains the images and evps that didn't make it into part 1.

Located in Valley City, OH, Myrtle Hill Cemetery is known nationwide for its paranormal activity. Our team, along with Haunted Earth's, Christopher Halton, investigated Myrtle Hill in October 2008 and agreed it's teeming with paranormal activity. Within five minute upon arrival I was greeted with an herbal scent that followed me throughout the investigation. Chris also smelled it, as did our investigator, Sean Adams. The scent came and went, and could be traced to no plants, shrubs, or trees in the cemetery.

There is a large ball-shaped gravestone, referred to as the "Witchs Ball," that allegedly belonged to a witch. Legend has it that a witch poisoned her family's well, who died after drinking the tainted water and that she disposed of their dead bodies by tossing them into the well. People claim that the gravestone feels hot in the winter and cold in the summer. Many also believe no snow, rain, or leaves fall on the gravestone. We visited on a Fall Day, & it was approximately 70 degrees, so temperatures weren't extreme enough for us to test this.

We did find out about the story of the mad poisoner, Martha Wise, of Hardscrabble, who seems the source of this legend. Martha had family over for dinner one night, and served them drinks from a bucket of water she'd added arsenic to. Everyone became very ill and her mother died. Some believe she is buried beneath the witchs ball, others claim she's buried in Marysville Prison, where she served time.

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