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The Ouija - An open gateway to evil presences?

Years ago as a very young police detective, I played the Ouija board with work friends in my home.

There were two sessions and none of us then should have touched it.

c17th Century Merchant
During the first session, we came across a man who claimed to be a merchant of fine cloth.
He claimed he was murdered by the Basques. Additionally there was extra info which was checked and found to be generally correct for the period, I believe it was the 17th century.

However, I still wasn't totally convinced that the others wasn't pushing the glass.
A few weeks later, we held another (and last) session in my home.

This changed my views for life.....

The first presence that came through was a lady who had lived until recently in a town not far away from where I was then living. The movement of the glass on the board was rapid and frantic.
And she kept asking about her two boys.

We asked her to tell us more about herself, and how and where she died.

This from memory was roughly how it went. (Locations have been deleted)
She firstly gave her first name, and that she worked in Xxxxxxx  as a barmaid.
She said that a man picked her up for a date from work and raped and murdered and later had dumped her body.

I asked where she died. She replied, `HERE` ..

We were all startled by that comment and temporarily halted the session.

Having had a brief discussion and vote, we decided to re-connect with her.
And again she came through.

This time we asked her to be specific, and she spelt out the name of my village.
She asked us to let her kids know she was okay now. Assured by us that we would, she
then immediately broke contact.

The session ended, and I will tell you the outcome shortly, as after this we had another session
on the board.

This is the one I wished I never had, but it actually reawakened my interest in spirituality, and my past experiences as a child.

This time the room felt cold and unwelcoming. The presence that came through said, `You are all going to die, I have invoked the curse of beelzebub`. The glass then started to spell out words I recognised (but did not understand) in Latin.

I then looked at the others faces and could see that they were terrified. And we were all police officers! Worst,the room even smelt foul, and I genuinely felt this was something out of my worst possible nightmares!

We after breaking contact had a discussion on what we should do, and I suggested if we left matters like this, then things would get worse. So we re-connected for the last time.

Strangely as soon as we made finger contact on the glass the room smelt fine, and the atmosphere changed to it feeling very, very warmly spiritual.

A new presence then came through. The glass moved gently and we could feel a deep compassion from whoever, or whatever this person was.

He/she said firstly, `You are all safe now, it is gone. Leave us alone in our world, and we will of course leave you alone in yours.`

I said, `Who are you?`

He/she replied, `If I told you all in this room who I am, you would fall to your knees in my presence and cry with shame. Go in peace, you are safe .....`

And that was the end of any more sessions in my home. And yes we were all safe. To this day I still do not know who the gentle spirit was, but the feeling of total compassion in that room made me feel very, very spiritually awake.

But what was the result of the first session?

I went to work a couple of days later and discovered that a poor woman had been raped and murdered three nights previously. The police had originally treated her as a `MISPER` (Missing Person) until her body was later found in a field not far from my home.

The name she gave on enquiry was correct, and she indeed had two boys who were being looked after by her parents when she was working as a barmaid. The media never mentioned the children as the police requested them not to.

Talking then about the paranormal in certain police circles was difficult, and if I told them what had happened, I would have simply been ridiculed and laughed out of the office.

So, I found a more senior officer who was open-minded and told him the story. The message was later passed to the family through him. As I wasn`t on this enquiry, any action by me approaching the family could have caused issues.

And so the moral of the tale?

Ouija boards do work, but only in the right hands of people who know how to control them safely.
At that time I couldn't use them confidently, so I kept away from them until 2002. And having researched with a Ouija, I decided to abandon the board as a research tool as any published results may have encouraged others, and particularly kids to dabble with them.

Have a great Halloween!

Chris Halton

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