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Queen Mary during her hey day
There is a tale of a famous ghost called `Jackie` or Jacqueline who haunts the swimming pool on the Queen Mary which is now berthed at Long Beach, California.
There is surprisingly very little actual history on this young girl. Apparently she drowned in the second class swimming pool, although she haunts the first class swimming pool, the now-gutted Third Class nursery, and the Second Class pool, now the Queen Mary movie theater.
 Despite the shortcomings in her known past, she has been recorded on quite a few occasions either on cam or recorder, and is very vocal.

Here are some of those recordings. As always you must judge for yourself, but this spirit appears to be very persistent and replying on being asked or questioned. This is one ship I would love to investigate and make a documentary about.

The poster`s explanation is before each video.

The Queen Mary today
`Nineteen years ago legendary psychic Peter James spoke to Jackie the Queen Mary Ghost child for the first time. Now after nineteen years Jackie the Queen Mary talking child ghost speaks again for 17 minutes to Bob Davis and Brian Clune of Planet Paranormal Investigations. What is presented here is some highlights of that 17 minute conversation. Included here is audio from the late Peter James investigation to use for comparison. This video is an updated clip of the previously released clip and gives visual reference to the Jackie audio`.

`EVP of a young girl (spirit? ) captured on my recorder aboard the World Famous Queen Mary Long Beach, CA`.

`While NOPS was in the pool area, you will hear what sounds like a crying little child. There were no children near there at 1am! Everyone heard it loud and clear!!! The humming of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star was one of our investigators.

Was it the voice of a spirit named "Jackie"?
To be continued.....

The NOPS team was there and met up with Erika Frost with her tour group and this is what happened`...

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